Alan and the Unbearable Lightness of Quarks

Though this radio play actually had a stage version production as part of the Walking Fish Festival, I thought I’d post this version since it shows off a whole different style of writing and formatting.


An open letter to Mel Gibson

A comedic editorial I did for CBC. I never actually heard it, but maybe it’ll come back, since he keeps making it relevant!


The Cost of Your Vote

Another piece for CBC, I include this one because it shows my political bent and also is neat for its use of street interviews.


Tony versus Al

Done for DNTO, this is me doing my pop culture thing. I actually ended up unwittingly making this a very rough job for the editor, as I thought he would be bleeping the clips I’d chosen, but instead he ended up recutting them. (Apparently, that many bleeps sounded ridiculous.) Live and learn, but I defy you to find that many Al Swearengen quotes that are CBC-appropriate! At any rate, I think it still reads alright, so enjoy! (You’ll just have to imagine the clips, alas).

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