Barenaked fun?

Alright, so I should probably wait until there are details or even confirmation, but having established that interesting changes in my emotional state are blogworthy, there was an interesting development last night.

The new cruise director asked us if we wanted to perform with The Barenaked Ladies.

Apparently, and details are foggy and fourth-hand, we’ve been asked if we want to perform with them. Now, that might just mean doing a show (or our regular show) during their cruise, but it also might mean (and this was the cruise director’s impression) doing some kind of “bit” with them or some sort of shared performance. Which, let’s face it, would be kind of awesome.

And, as long as I’ve got one foot in the Candyland of the Mind, I may as well take the leap and add that if we’re on the roster of performers for “Ships ‘n Dip,” might not some sort of performance with Kevin and Dave also be a possibility? (That’s right. In the Candyland of the Mind, I’m on a first-name basis with the Kids in the Hall – and they with me!)

I’ll keep you posted as reality unfolds (stupid reality, would it kill you to stay folded just once?!?), but for now, giddy!

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