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Alright, so I genuinely intend to start this blog up again in earnest, and fill in a healthy amount of what’s happened in the interim, but since this is topical now and the link may go away, here’s an article with a healthy amount of me-content.  Enjoy!

Good head

Perfect couples and prorogued MPs clash at Bad Dog’s dead-of-winter improv contest, Globehead 2010

BY Sean Davidson   January 20, 2010 10:01

Whether by accident or design, Globehead shows often seem to start out slow before building, after the intermission, to the madness one expects from the month-long improv contest at Bad Dog.

Take last Friday, for instance, when the duo Dylan Goes Electric (Paloma Nunez and Kevin Whalen) faced off against the Robot Hard-Ons, also known as Kevin Matviw and Lindsay Grant. More of an overture than an opening act, really. Enjoyable to a point — but Matviw and Grant were clearly having a hard time with their scenes and seemed to keep getting stuck in the same characters (gruff, guttural and oddly stunned), leaving the Dylans to breeze through bits about foosball and Mexican weddings.

“I’m a big proponent of mild racism in humor,” said Sean Tabares, in character as recurring “celebrity judge” Evil Johnny Carson, upon handing the win to Nunez and Whalen.

Things picked up after the halftime when teams with a bit more personality took the stage. Beaming and giddy, and dressed identically, Dave Pearce and Dan Hershfield were fun to watch as a perfectly e-matched gay couple, while Ashley Comeau, Devon Hyland and Connor Thompson went with the always reliable tactic of ridiculing politicians — playing three MPs (from the Tories, the Greens and the Bloc Quebecois — the three parties with the most inherent comic potential) with time on their hands thanks to the proroguing.

It ended up going to the MPs, due largely to their sudden wrestling bout and a rousing musical number that saw Thompson give voice to a singing chainsaw, though Pearce and Hershfield kicked down the fourth wall when they did an entire scene perched on the lap of a young woman in the audience.

In a more just world a stunt like that would score points. But the tallies aren’t taken at all seriously at Globehead, and Evil Johnny Carson gave Pearce and Hershfield a goose egg for their bone-bending efforts.

Guess they shouldn’t have mouthed off like that about what’s going on with The Tonight Show.

Next week, watch for performers including Ken Hall, Trevor Martin and “Nug” Nahrgang.


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