Things I’ve learned recently

  • For someone who moves apartments and cities as often as I do, I’m an awful packer.
  • In the scene I was given for my Second City callback, I played the Stephen Colbert part. And in at least one scene for the boat, I’m playing the Steve Carell part. I can only conclude that when I die and go to heaven, they’ll be my gay dads. To supplement my real parents, of course. It’s heaven.
  • My fellow cast mates are as sweet as punch spiked with funny juice. Based on the first twenty-four hours. (And one is already on the boat yet, so I haven’t met him. But I hear good things.) An interesting thing: on our show poster, the Canadians are smiling, teeth a-blazing, the Americans not. A trend?
  • Ketchup chips: chicks dig ’em.
  • The first show I’ve reserved a ticket for: Messing with a Friend. It’s at Annoyance, the Chicago mecca that I haven’t yet been to, and it’s Susan Messing playing with Mick Napier and The Barinholtz Boys. I’ll be seeing other shows (including the Second City, of course), but that was the first where I said “Gotta have it!” And for $5, too!
  • I’ve got a hankering for a deep-dish pizza. And we’re staying ridiculously close to Wrigley Field. Chicago!
  • Toronto will be missed. By me, that is. I’m not prophesying any big disaster. But all Torontonians should be emailing me constantly, so that if disaster does strike, I’ll figure it out from the sudden lack of emails. (What the hey, better assure me of Vancouver’s survival too!)

And lastly, but far from leastly, and in fact, so far from leastly that I’m giving it its own separate bullet:

  • It was brought to my attention by fellow cast mate Nathan Clark (not the Vancouver one…a Texas/L.A. one) that there’s a special event happening on our boat in February. It’s called Ships and Dip. It’s a bunch of Canadian icons coming to perform on the Jewel, including The Barenaked Ladies…Sloan…and…wait for it…Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley! In my dreams, they improvise with us. And then become my second pair of post-death heaven-based gay dads. Check it out:

4 Responses to “Things I’ve learned recently”

  1. Hey Hersh, sounds like you’re having a great time in Chicago. And wow, that event with Sloan, plus Kevin MacDonald and Dave Foley sounds pretty amaz… WHAT?!?! The fucking Weakerthans!!!!! They are literally my favourite band ever! How the fuck do I get on your ship for that week? I’ll trade. You can take my Xbox 360 in the bargain. But damn… that is amazing (I highly recommend checking out their albums “Left And Leaving” and “Reunion Tour” if you’d like to achieve my current unreasonable level of enthusiasm. Oh, and Sloan always rules.

  2. C. Lucarelli says:

    Nice bullets, Dan. I appreciate posts in point form.

    Watch your stuff around the BN Ladies…bit of a light touch those boys, if you know what I mean.

  3. Rebecca says:


    Enjoy the shit out of it and live to tell tales. Proud of my boy Hersh and I know you’ll like Susan’s show. Looking forward to hearing all the shit you get up to….you’re going to come back Uber Hersh. Can’t wait, miss ya.


  4. Evan Hershfield says:

    Way to blog boy. Ummmm, since I’m visiting you at some point on the cruise, line it up so I’m there when Kevin MacDonald is. He is half human and half comedy.

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