Hello world!

I realize the “Hello world!” post is intended to be deleted, but I’m appropriating it. I shall overcome!

This is my first foray into the world of blog. It’s a little odd for me, because I’m not one to normally divulge information about myself unprompted. Which may be why, for some of you, this will be the first you’ve heard of me working on the Norwegian Jewel, a cruise ship traveling through the Carribean, performing sketch and improv for the Second City. So if you hadn’t heard that yet, well, you should have asked me at some point if I was doing that. I would have said “Yes.”  (And as I write this, I am in Chicago for a few days of rehearsal.  In case you weren’t going to ask.)

It’s also odd because this will undoubtedly be a chronicle of disappointment. I don’t say that out of pessimism. It’s just that in my head, I will be returning to Toronto in April a wall of solid gym-sculpted muscle, a guitar virtuoso of such skill you’ll swear I took an excursion to “the crossroads”, a basketball player of such prowess that those who witnessed me attempting to play football (or “the football”, as I tend to call it) will hold the belief that I’m actually athletic in proper contexts, a guy who has read The Source (okay, not that impressive, but it’s long), and the author of a new play, a reworked pilot, a reworked show bible, a new original TV script, a new spec script, and, if I have time, the great Canadian novel and screenplay (and maybe a few more show bibles). Oh, and having fun. Watch me fail, everybody!

And it’ll be odd, because in my attempts to be interesting, I will say odd things. I had a whole rant about the unpleasant innuendo which can be found in the phrase “We (or I) shall overcome.” I took it out, but it’s early yet. As cabin fever sets in, and I become more desperate for your attention and comments, I will no doubt become more provocative. Just like Stalin.

Good night world! (with special attention to the princes of Maine, the kings of New England.)

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