Paradise Lost

Alright, the title’s an overstatement (I was just feeling literary), but I’m back to the small room again. Not so bad, really, but I do quite miss the window. Waking up in darkness stinks. And I’m not playing my guitar as often, because I don’t want to subject another human being to that. But still, wearing shorts, so who’s complaining?

So since I’ve written last, holidays a-plenty! Christmas was pretty fun. The JARs threw a hall party, theme rooms and all. Good times were had, vodka was drank out of a peppermint cup, pictures were taken, I intervened to break up a fight that probably wasn’t going to happen anyway, and I slept the sleep of the righteous.

Boxing Day was spent in Miami, where they of course don’t call it Boxing Day, but still acknowledge its religious significance by having sales. I bought myself a basketball (they have some on board, but it was worth it for the quality upgrade), a printer (to inspire additional feelings of guilt to keep me writing, but of course, it was only after I was onboard that I realized I needed to buy a USB cable separately, so as of now, it’s only taking up space), and a mesh hamper (far and away my best return on money spent.) And it’s my understanding that due to his own splurge, I’ll be getting a hand-me-down TV from my brother (I prefer to think of them as hand-me-sidewayses), so all in all, a big shopping day for me.

Also that day, we got our first guest as a group. Caroline (apologies if it’s Carolyn), a friend of Ashley’s, joined us, which has been lovely. A breath of fresh air, she is, and she’s married to someone I went to high school with. Someone I barely remember, mind you, and he probably has all but forgotten my existence (apparently, before she came, she showed him a list of the cast, and my name was “familiar”, but he didn’t have the context, so maybe I’m worth a nod of recognition when she gets back), but it’s nice to be able to talk Toronto as well. (There’s also a hypnotist on board for this cruise from Toronto, and the four of us talked a little T-dot.)

On the 28th, the JARs hosted a party for the entire crew, and some passenger treated us all to free drinks, which was nice. They performed a number from Chicago. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s the one where a bunch of women recount the circumstances of the murders they committed. Long story short, big dance number in sexy lingerie. Suffice it to say, I think the crew is going to be pretty disappointed in our crew show!

I had to make my first set list for our improv shows. I threw a fair bit of new stuff at them, but everybody stepped up, and the shows worked out quite well. (Schwarzenegger killed!) After the show, I had some girl come up to me and say that I looked exactly like Napoleon Dynamite. Using my friendliest incredulous tone, I pointed out that that wasn’t exactly a compliment. She countered “No, it’s okay, I loved Napoleon Dynamite.” I thought “I loved Forrest Gump. Would you take it as a compliment if I said you reminded me of him?” I said “Thank you?”

Around this time, I finished The Great Gatsby. Short but sweet, a classic for a reason. Going through my books, I was torn between two books that had potential to be uplifting but also the potential to be horribly depressing: The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, by Oliver Sacks, and Kasztner’s Train, by Anna Porter. In the end, I chose the former. I think my time with Mr. Kasztner will be best spent in a private room. I think I’ll be able to handle reading it, but I probably won’t want to talk about it much. So far, so good, but Dr. Sacks doesn’t shy away from the big, big words, so it definitely takes some concentration.

As for New Year’s, fairly anticlimactic, but I always feel that way about them. Highlights include someone asking me if my Humphrey Bogart tie was Barack Obama (what is this world coming to?!?), hugs and kisses (awwww!), and turning the first page on my X-ed out calendar. December, we hardly knew ye!

Happy 2009, everyone!

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  1. Diana says:

    Happy 2009!
    You are missed! Loving reading about your adventures. I’ve been following along

  2. Diana says:

    …since you set sail, I meant to say. Then I inadvertently hit send.

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